We at QuantumCLS are experienced Chartered Surveyors having a proven track record of capabilities in a comprehensive range  of Project Management and Quantity Surveying specialisms. The construction industry is subject to frequent change, influenced by both regulatory and economic pressures. QuantumCLS maintains its proactive service by keeping abreast of these changes, considering impact and maintaining appropriate training for all of its staff. QuantumCLS operate to the highest standards and are regulated and monitored by the RICS ensuring that we practise ethically and to professional standards set by our governing body. Clients can have complete trust and confidence that we will ensure a successful delivery their project from inception to completion.


Construction projects can often be complex, with no two schemes being identical, and therefore each scheme undergoes a bespoke consideration of risk. QuantumCLS pride themselves in being proactive, meticulous, organised, lateral thinking with the ability to think on our feet and solve problems. QuantumCLS strives to offer our Clients options that offer best value solutions which have maximum effect within the design phase and maintain a healthy challenging attitude throughout the entire lifecycle of schemes. QuantumCLS always maintain one eye on the overall objectives of the scheme, maintaining value for money and considering  the bigger picture and the overall cost impact to the Employer, not just the construction costs.


Your success, is our success! At QuantumCLS, this is underpinned by our approach to collaboration, where we have shared common objectives. We are passionate and love what we do,  we constantly seek to innovate and create an environment of positive collaboration with our Clients, consultant teams, suppliers and contractors. QuantumCLS champion collaboration and best practice across varying sectors and encourage all parties, individuals and organisations to share their experiences, knowledge and information.  Our approach is customer focused, best practice oriented and based on Constructing Excellence Guiding Principles as well as those set out by our governing body, RICS. We ensure our primary driver is customer satisfaction by focusing on collaboration and innovation and integrating the combining of parts into a unified whole. QuantumCLS will ensure that we can be relied upon each and every time to deliver the project to Cost, Time and Quality, enabling you to focus on your core business.